Pumpkin drinks sweeten the season

Jacob Godicz, staff writer

With fall comes pumpkins, and with pumpkins come drinks. Specifically the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and the Dutch Bros Pumpkin Pie Freeze. Both coffee and delicious, but which is better?
Comparing the mid-sized drinks from both companies, the Grande at Starbucks is priced at $5.45, and medium Dutch Bros is priced at just $3.50 both a 16 oz drink. Dutch Bros is consistently better about the cost of their drinks.
If you like strong pumpkin pie then the Pumpkin Pie Frost is for you. Your first sip hits hard with pumpkin pie, with a hint of eggnog. When you first start drinking it, it’s not bad. If you love sugar, then you are going to love this drink, because it has 122 grams of sugar in the medium. So this gets super sweet, super fast. But later down the road it gets probably too sweet even for someone with a major sweet tooth. If you take a lot of time to drink your coffee then the taste won’t be that bad. I would recommend sticking with a small or medium, a large would just be too much.
The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino dials down the pumpkin a lot. It has the pumpkin taste that it promised but not enough for it to hit you hard. You would not have to take this drink slowly to enjoy it, though it may not be the 122 grams of sugar that the Pumpkin Pie Frost has, it still has 65 grams, so for the sugar lovers, this could be the drink for you. I may even recommend the venti size because it tastes great.
What are the similarities? They both taste like pumpkins of course, they have the nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkles on the whipped cream, which the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino has more of.
And of course, every opinion needs personal preference. If you love Pumpkin pie, then the obvious winner is the Pumpkin Pie Frost. If you like a hint of pumpkin in your coffee then Pumpkin Spice is for you.