Senior Assassins ‘kill’ for cash prizes once again

Judy Silva, food editor

This year’s annual student run Senior Assassins competition began this year on September 1st, continuing the long held tradition of pitting seniors against each other for the chance to win a cash prize.
“I wanted to be involved with Senior Assassins and create a safe, but fun environment for everyone playing,” said Anne Bugbee, the senior in charge of Senior Assassins.
Senior Assassins is a game that is played amongst the senior students and ends with the 1st place team winning $3920, 2nd place team winning $840, and 3rd place team winning $280.
Each week the teams are assigned new targets and the goal is to eliminate them. One of the challenges is that each teammate has a safety item that will protect them from being eliminated. The objective is to find the target without their safety items on. It is required to record the “kill”, take a photo with the person “killed”, and submit it to the senior assassins Instagram. Each member of the team must meet the kill quota by the end of each month to stay in the game.
“My daughter almost got killed while getting out of her car at work, but luckily that was a safe zone,” said Zebulan Schnorr, a parent of a student participating in Senior Assassins.
One of the rules is that no players can be eliminated in a safe zone. Some of the safe zones are school grounds, school parking lot, places of employment and places of worship. Other areas that are safe zones include sporting events, sports fields, fine art center, gyms, school events and sponsored events. The players are still safe when they are in their homes, on a bike/motorcycle, in a car if all windows are closed, and in a hospital or any place of emergency/medical treatment.
“I am hoping that I can avenge my partner, but I don’t even know where the kid lives,” said Christian Waters, a student participating in senior assassins.
Some days there will be special days such as purge day, zombie day, and free for all. Purge day is when safety items are no longer in play and the player can target anyone. The only places that remain a safe zone are the school campus, school parking lot, and when a person is working at their place of employment. A zombie day is when those who are dead are given the chance to get back in the game if they can kill 2 living people. All safe items and spaces are still in effect on zombie days. Free for all is when all targets are disregarded, but safe spaces and items remain in effect. A bounty system is also in the game. Someone can place a bounty on an individual or team that is required to be completed within a certain amount of time. To place a bounty on someone a person must pay at least $1. If the kill is made the person who did the killing earns the money and 1 kill point. The person who placed the bounty gets 2 kill points. There is also an opportunity to avenge a teammate. If the player is able to kill the person who eliminated their teammate within 2 weeks of the teammates death, the teammate is back in.