Best foot forward

Different shoe trends resurface as brands diversify their selection

Peyton Marinelli, Staff Writer

Recently, old brands such as Nike and Doc Martens have made a comeback in today’s fashion. Influencers and celebrities have a huge impact on what becomes trending, especially in teens.

Nike Air Force 1s debuted in 1982. History has proven time and time again, old trends always make a comeback. At first, Air Force’s made their way back with the classic white, leather style. Over time, it’s become popular to customize a pair of these shoes. By customizing shoes down to color and style, it’s easy to have a pair of shoes that stand out from the crowd. Other than custom Nike’s, Travis Scott has continued to collaborate with big name brands. Scott collaborated with Nike to create the Travis Scott Air Jordan’s. These pairs of sneakers have unique detailing such as a backward Nike swoosh, a hidden reel pocket, and a subtle Cactus Jack logo.

“Celebrities and influencers definitely have the biggest impact on today’s style because when you see someone you like wearing a pair of shoes it makes you want to get them,” said Lizzie Biggs, a junior.

Staying on track with old trends making a reappearance, Doc Martens have made its way back in style. With winter approaching, the classic Doc Marten boots are a trend many will hop on this season. According to Cosmopolitan, combat boots were the footwear trend of the 90’s. These shoes are said to be best paired with floral dresses, trousers, and blazers. Social media influencer Emma Chamberlain had a major influence in gen z with this trend. The platform style adds spice to any casual outfits and gives them the 90’s aesthetic.

¨A lot of people are going for the vintage look nowadays because it’s trending and looks unique,¨ said Logan Polvorosa, a freshman at PVCC.

Besides from old trends making comebacks, newer fashion includes luxury brands such as Golden Goose, Gucci, and Balenciaga. In recent years, objectively ¨ugly¨ shoes have become popular. Golden Goose, an Italian luxury sneaker brand started the ¨ugly¨ shoe trend. They come pre-distressed to appear already used when purchased. Golden Goose sneakers cost roughly between 200 and 600 dollars. A brand that followed this style was Balenciaga and their bulky gripcore shoes. These shoes follow the same concept, but in athletic form.

“My favorite shoes right now are my Doc Martens because they’ve been perfectly broken in and are both practical and cute,” said Aubrie Gilling, a senior.

Time and time again old fashion trends resurface and new luxury designer brands make their way to today’s fashion. These many options for shoe styles give opportunity for people to wear unique shoes that fit their style.