Among Us video game popular among students

Among Us, a video game created by InnerSloth Studios, has taken off in popularity these past few months with it’s simplistic art style and unique party game format.

“It’s a cool murder mystery, because you get to play with your friends,” said Gavin Pierce, a frequent player of the game.

The premise of the game is basically an online murder mystery adaptation of the classic “Mafia.”

There are multiple players in a lobby assigned different tasks on a malfunctioning spaceship, however, there are one-three imposters among the passengers whose goal is to kill everyone without being detected. Players can converse with each other and discuss evidence to eventually reveal who the imposter is, securing a victory.

Among Us became very popular just because of the accessibility of the game, it’s also presented in a nice and easy to understand way,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian, a Geometry teacher.

Among Us allows players to game with their friends anywhere and anytime. The game is available to download on PC as well as mobile, where it is gaining most of its traffic.

Because of its great performance and playability on player’s phones, students around campus are finding ways to fit games in during hours such as lunch and in between class periods.

“You get to connect with friends and it makes me feel like a detective. Plus, you get to wear cool hats,” said Braden Peters, a sophomore.

Because Among Us is free to play on mobile and only five dollars on Steam, an online gaming website, the game offers a wide variety of different costumes and colors available to players for in-game purchasing. In-game purchases is how Inner Sloth Studios makes money to further update the game.

With all the recent hype of Among Us from gamers around the world, InnerSloth Studios announced that they have started their process of creating a sequel. While there is not much information about the sequel at this given time, the sequel will not only be an attempt to keep the popularity alive, but host better servers capable of supporting an estimated current 10 million users on Steam alone. 

Many may wonder how Among Us was able to conquer the trending pages around the internet so fast, and the answer is as simple as a website. Among Us was originally able to gain its popularity from Twitch, an online video game streaming website, where professional gamers would play the game in front of thousands of viewers.