Euphoric for Euphoria

Season two of Euphoria aired January 9.
Euphoria is a television series that can be streamed on HBO and HBO Max, the series is about highschool students navigating their way through life. The show addresses topics such as drugs, sex, friends, and family relationships. The target audience was intended to be millennials and up, but in actuality the biggest audience is teenagers.
On the night of the new season premiere, Euphoria set the record for strongest digital premiere for an HBO series with over 2.4 million views .
The show stars Zendaya, who plays the character Rue. This past year, she has even won an Emmy for playing this character as an outstanding lead actress in a drama series. She is the youngest to ever win that award.
Something that makes the series unique is the characters’ makeup and outfits. It is known for the dramatic, glittery eye makeup that adds to each character.
New episodes come out every Sunday at 9pm EST.