Depop offers platform for young entrepreneurs


Max Hancock

Packing and shipping clothes is just another part of the job for people who sell their clothes on Depop. Maryn Johnson, a sophomore, is a user of the app where she has sold some of her clothes. “[Depop] is a really easy way to find clothes for cheap from brands that I wouldn’t really buy from usually,” said Johnson.

Nia Sogaard

With the harmful impact big brand stores inflict on the environment, fashion enthusiasts have looked to another source of trendy clothing.

Depop, the secondhand clothing app has become the stage for this demographic. The app has become one of the most popular modes for online shopping for the eccentrically dressed, the sustainable, and influencers of Generation Z.

Additionally, the eco-friendly quality to the secondhand shop appeals to the younger generations.

On Depop, users can simply  take pictures of their own clothes and put them up for sale, giving young entrepreneurs a platform to make money.

User-generated content shows the app’s audience exactly what is trending in the fashion world.

The secondhand nature of the app also allows for very exclusive finds, such as sold out, custom, and/or vintage clothing under name brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas.

The app has all of the elements of social media – likes, comments, followers, influencers, and fans, making it the Instagram of the fashion world. Many speculate that the success of the app is largely due to its appeal to those who sell and buy, given that the suppliers and the buyers of the app are of the same age group.