The most popular halloween costumes this year


Gianna Lazzaro

Melanie Matzen, a junior, dresses up as the fictional pop-star Ashley O, from the Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too."

Jaden Lea, staff writer

October is the first month of the holiday season, and it usually means one thing: Halloween. And every year, popular TV shows, memes, and internet trends influence what people will choose to dress up as.

Some of the top female halloween costumes by Pinterest searches are: Ashley O from Black Mirror, Eleven from Stranger Things and Jules Euphoria. 

Pinterest search trends also show that the top costumes for males are Spiderman, Joker, and Superman. Superhero or villain costumes will likely dominate this season due to the success of the recent Marvel movies such as “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse” and “Joker”. 

Popular Halloween costumes can vary by age range. One thing that is important to look for when shopping for costumes is price. The more grand and exaggerated the costume is, then it could cost a considerable amount more depending on how crazy it is.

“I usually look for costumes that cost around $30 to $50, and I like to try to wear it more than once to get the full use out of it. This year, I’m gonna be a tiger,” said Brendan Rojas, a sophomore.

Guys and girls both vary in costumes and what’s common between them. There are many different styles and themes, such as scary, funny, and creative.

“When thinking of a costume, I usually think of getting something that’s cute and that will look good in pictures,” said Lucy Raleigh, a sophomore that is dressing up as a bunny this year. 

Many people enjoy putting together their own costumes rather than just buying one from the store to throw in their own sense of style or ideas. These sort of costumes are pretty common among teens due to the creativity that they have.

Costumes help make Halloween a much better holiday, which is why it’s important to know of the top costumes that people are going to wear, that way there is a variety of different costumes. People look for different themes and styles of costumes when buying costumes.

“I usually look for family themed costumes to wear. This year I am going to be a witch because my one of my daughter wants to be a ghost, and the other wants to be a monster,” said Amanda Seamen, a math teacher.

Group costumes are also very popular during Halloween and are seen a lot with parents and their children. Pinterest search trends show that the top group Halloween costumes are a box of crayons, Cards Against Humanity, and a box of cards.