March means madness

College basketball kicks into high gear this month.

Paul Wernes, travel editor

The biggest college basketball tournament in the United States, March Madness, starts on March 13. March Madness starts with First Four games in Dayton, Ohio and continues through to the 2022 Final Four in New Orleans. Selection Sunday for the men’s tournament is March 13, 2022.
The origin of March Madness comes from a game between The University of Oregon and The Ohio State University. The University of Oregon were victorious and won the tournament which later became known as March Madness.
“My favorite college team in the tournament is The University of Oregon. I don’t know if they are going to make it this year but if they do I hope they win it all” said Joey Liberio, a varsity basketball player.
March Madness has grown exponentially in size and popularity since 1939. The first ever March Madness game was played in Evanston, Illinois, which is roughly 35 minutes from Chicago.
The number one seeds for this year’s tournament are Gonzaga, Auburn, Kentucky, and Arizona.
The Big Ten leads all conferences with eight teams in the projected field, returning to the top of the list of conferences. So far, the Big Ten has had the most teams in all but one bracket projection.
Meanwhile, the SEC has lost some of its luster from a few weeks ago when it had a nation-leading eight teams in the tournament. However, with two number one seeds, the conference remains a threat come March.
“The tourney is exciting because anything can happen. So many games are on at once, brackets, drama, it’s just a lot of fun. It is always cool to see a Cinderella team make a run.” said Zach Washut, the boys varsity basketball coach.
The March Madness tournament is highly unpredictable. In last years’ tournament, UCLA, an 11 seed team, made it to the final four. Most of the time, highly ranked teams make it far so it was unusual to see UCLA make it far into the tournament.
There are upsets during every round of the tournament which makes it exciting.
“It is exciting to watch U of A advance because I want to see them win it all. It’s nice to have a team from your state be good,” said Abby Benedetto, a varsity basketball player.
March Madness has always been a unpredictable tournament.