Camping in the desert


Jared Hancock

Soaking in nature. Senior Max Hancock and his sister Sophie Hancock spent two days in Colorado on a family camping trip. Many families use camping trips as a way to bond with eachother.

Camping in Arizona is a popular activity and it’s important that campers are prepared enough in order to have a great experience. Arizona has a wide variety of different kinds of camping spots all around that are very easy to find and camp in.
Throughout Arizona, there are many camping areas. Lakes near Cave Creek provide spectacular camping spots.
“Seven Springs, Bartlett Lake area, Lake Pleasant, are my favorite places to camp at,” said Hayden Leamon, a senior.
In addition, there are spots in areas like Flagstaff, Payson, and the White Mountains that all offer opportunities for either camping or backpacking. There are also campsites down south in Tucson that provide good spots to camp in.
Camping in general requires not only tools and resources, but skills as well. Knowing how to start a fire is important, especially if something is broken, such as a lighter or fire starter. Keeping a fire going and boiling dirty water to kill all germs if no clean water is accessible is also key. If someone is going camping, being extra prepared is always a priority.
Knowing how to get a good spot or a spot in general, must be gameplanned before entering the site.
“Go to an area that has a lot of space. A good tip is to get there early because sometimes people get there at the beginning of the day,” said Tommy Staats, a senior.
Another priority is to be prepared with all food and sleeping gear. As most know, tents and sleeping bags contribute to a huge portion of the “survival”, because without them, the camper would be sleeping on the hard ground. Depending on the weather in the area, some may not even need a tent. A hammock is an alternative item to sleep in and can be easier to set up as well.
“A good tool kit and first aid equipment are always important if you will be traveling off-road in wilderness areas. Adequate amounts of food and especially water,” said Mark Lauch, a science teacher.
Although there are more items that are useful to bring on a camping trip, these ones are the most important and need to be considered when going on a trip where survival knowledge should be known.