The cancelation of flights disrupts travel

Jordan Kern, staff writer

With Covid surging throughout the world this year, major airlines are having to cancel flights due to shortage of staff.
On January 1, 2022, over 1000 flights were delayed and hundreds were canceled. People are taking risks when entering an airport, whether it involves covid or possibly their flight getting canceled. There are a plethora of tips that people can follow before flying in 2022.
Being prepared to fly comes in handy when it comes to a smooth airport experience. According to the New York Times, it is important to “make sure you have all the necessary documentation required for travel, such as a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination, which many countries require for entry.
Knowing the rights shouldn’t be a “must know”. Airlines try to get their way by manipulating people. Don’t let them sway their way into situations that don’t help the customer out. Having an idea of what the passenger is able to receive as part of a canceled flight should be known. In addition, try not to go on flights that require layovers.
Although some people may have no option to get to their final destination, with all the cancellations happening now, nobody wants to get their connecting flight canceled and be stuck in a state that’s not where they are supposed to be.
Keeping your composure and staying calm will allow for less stressful traveling. When asking questions to the flight assistants, it is important to not get angry with them because there isn’t a lot they can do during these times.