Cheap flights available this fall

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor

Travelers can expect good deals on cheap flights this coming fall due to the low travel demand.
According to USA Today, airfare prices are expected to drop ten percent in the next few months as the travel demand declines.
Earlier this year, when travel restrictions were temporarily lifted, air travel prices rose 36 percent from March until June. Now with some travel restrictions being put in place again and the new COVID-19 delta variant, air travel demand is low and therefore so are the prices. There is a decrease in searches and bookings due to the new variant, but much of the dip in airfare demand is also in line with the regular seasonal demand.
From September until late November, the average round-trip domestic flight is expected to cost $260, according to USA Today. Costs are up from fall 2020 but are still lower than pre-pandemic levels.
Though prices are lowering domestic holiday travel is likely to rise 11% from September into December, which will bring prices up to $289 round trip. Pre-pandemic, in fall 2019, the average round-trip flight cost around $734. Southwest and American Airlines are some places to look for convenient deals on cheaper air travel.