Uncommon iPhone ‘hacks’

Philip Tate, editor-in-cheif

Shazam is a 3rd party app with the main feature of listening to songs with the tap of a button and giving the user the name of the song. Shazam can also be located in the control center for quick and easy use without needing to open the app.
Steps to add Shazam to control center
1.) Download Shazam from the app store
2.) Go to settings and then to control center
3.) While in control center go to the bottom of the page and add shazam to the included controls section

Location Based Reminders
The reminders app has the ability to remind based on arriving or leaving a location. Simply ask siri “remind me when I get home to” or “remind me when I leave home to” and siri will set the reminder
Steps to set up location based reminders
1 Open the contacts app and tap on user profile on the top
2 Go to home and set an address
3 Ask siri to set a reminder

Search with Camera
The Google app has a feature to seach what physical things are with scaning it from an iPhone camera. Make a new widegt with the Google app and use the lens button.
Steps to set up Google Lens
1 Force touch on iPhone home screen and hit the plus symbol
2 Find the Google widget and swipe to the second option with the lens feature visible
3 Select add widget and use the Google Lens

Built in level
iPhones have a built in level in the measure app that can be used when hanging things up on walls or whenever one needs to create a level surface.
Steps to find the built in level
1 Find the measure app
2 Switch to the level tab
3 If the screen shows 0 degrees it is completly level