Rocket League becomes mobile and easy to play on the go

Owen Taylor, sports editor

Psyonix, the original creators of the game Rocket League that had been a popular phenomenon over the last seven years introduced a mobile version of the game that has gained popularity quickly.
The game is not an exact copy of the game as the mobile version is in 2D and the console and pc versions are three dimensional. The game has many of the same mechanics in game, like the console does. Double flipping, boosting into the air, and even flip resetting off the ball. The game allows people to play with your friends online against others, as well as being able to create custom matches and private matches yourself.
The game has caught a lot of popularity not only at cactus shadows but around the world, it is one of the top 10 games in the App Store or car games.
The controls are made easy for the users to easily progress and get better at movement within the game. There are competitive modes in both solos and duos, you can compete to be on the top leaderboards and earn the max rank Grand Champion.
As a player gets higher and higher up the ranks the games will get harder and harder and the user will have to think of new ways to score.
The main idea of the game is to score in the opponent’s goal, like soccer the game works the same way, but with cars boosting/speeding around.
Not only can you play the soccer game mode but they also offer Hoops, which is a raised net set up like a basketball hoop. Players compete by flying into the air and driving on the walls to hit the ball into the net.
The game is continually gaining popularity and will continue to update and change with new additions and game mechanics.