Latest leaps in laptop advancements

Jacob Godicz, staff writer

Samsung and Apple both have created laptops with a variety of features and customizations to win over customers, but it is wondered how different they really are.
Though Samsung isn’t as well known for laptops as Apple is, their laptops are surprising. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the Samsung equivalent to the Apple MacBook Pro. Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 13.3 inch AMOLED display laptop starts at $1199.99 while Apple’s 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro starts at $1299. The 15 inch Samsung starts at $1499 and Apple’s at a staggering $2399.
Being a laptop, they need to be thin and lightweight, This is where Samsung wins. Book pro 360 13 inch is 2.29 pounds and the macbook pro 13 inch is 3 pounds.
The 15 inch 360 is 3.06 pounds and the 16 inch macbook is 4.3 pounds. This is important if someone carries their laptop in their backpack. Both are very capable of traveling with leightweight and thin dimensions.
It’s well known that Apple’s touchpad has always been the best, as well as their touchbar which acts like a shortcut screen.
“You can put a pet dog on the touchbar,” says Zane Kloss, a sophomore.
Apple allows for customizations and ways to make its computer more unique to the user.
Apple does not come with a pen or drawing utensil, however the Samsung has a folding touchscreen with S-Pen compatibility, giving more creativity with the device.
Samsung came packed with the 11th Gen Core i7. Apple has their own processor, the M1 chip and says,
“MacBook Pro with M1 delivered incredible performance, beating out competing Windows laptops outfitted with 11th Gen Intel i7 CPUs in multiple tests,”
Samsung has Intel Iris Xe while apple has Intel Iris Plus graphics which aren’t as good as Xe graphics according to
“Samsung performs better,” Kloss says.
Samsung’s Galaxy book Pro 360 has 1 Thunderbolt 4 port, a USB 3.2, micro-sd card reader and headphone jack on both 13 and 15 inch. While the Macbook Pro 13 inch has 2 thunderbolt 4 ports and a headphone jack, but on the 16 inch, 4 thunderbolt 3 ports and a headphone jack. Thunderbolt on both devices are used for charging.
Apple has a 100-wh (watt hours) battery on the 16 inch with a claimed 11 hours of battery life and claimed up to 20 hours of battery on the 13 inch. Samsung’s 13 inch has a 63 wh battery with a claimed 21 hours of battery and the 15 inch has a 68 wh battery with claimed 20 hour battery life.
Apple aims more towards creativity, designing, and Adobe type apps, however it is not a good laptop for gaming.
“A person like a graphic designer, somebody into music production would be best fit for the Macbook Pro,” says, an employee at best buy computer section.
Samsung on the other hand is more for work similar to constructing, art, architecture, and is a better choice for gaming.These devices are made for different audiences due to the variety of different features, however both perform well and depend on the buyers preference.