iPhone 13 sells out

Review of newest phone provides insight on whether it is worth the purchase


Sterling Bonney, a senior tries out a friend’s iPhone 13. The newest iPhone was released in September and has received great reviews for the new screen

Philip Tate, editor-in-chief

The iPhone 13 pro is not that big of an upgrade from previous years, but it has three main upgrades that make the phone for me.
The screen is primarily the reason I upgraded this year and that was because of the inclusion of the Pro Motion display. Pro Motion is Apple’s fancy way of saying 120 hertz, this means that the phone’s screen updates 120 times per second making the screen look insanely smooth and feel very responsive, compared to all the previous iPhone’s 60 hertz displays.
The notch on the top of the display is smaller than previous years, ‘but the change is so small it is hardly noticeable.
Battery life lasts all day with an average of 5 hours of screen time. Apple markets the phone as having a huge leap in battery life and I can definitely confirm that it does. I charge my phone at night and do not have to worry about charging it again until I am going to sleep.
The camera obviously upgrades every year, but this year it feels significantly better. The wide angle lens is a lot clearer and can get way closer to objects while staying in focus. The new Cinematic mode is a cool new feature, but for me it is mainly a party trick.
The zoom goes up to 15x and is super clear because the camera actually zooms that much instead of artificially zooming like SnapChat.
Overall, I think this year’s iPhone is a very good upgrade and I would definitely recommend it to people with iPhones that are more than two years old.