Apple Keynote Event turns heads as new products are unveiled

Many new exciting products were revealed at Apple’s annual product unveiling, hosted on September 14 at Apple headquarters. The new and improved iPhone 13 has A15 Bionic chip, promising faster refresh rates. Apple boasts its new ‘dramatically more powerful camera system’ with its new OLED display that also includes ProMotion, a software system that delivers consistent refresh rates up to 120hz.

Will Donegan, staff writer

The new iPhone 13 is available starting September 24 in a variety of new and improved colors and updated software. The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max at its launch was 1,400 dollars, and the new iPhone 13 is significantly less at a starting base price of 800 dollars.
“I’m really excited for the new iPhone 13. I’m really into taking pictures and the new camera looks so cool. I’m also a gamer so the new processing chip is going to make gameplay way smoother,” said Jack Corning, a junior.
The apple watch series 7 was also announced, with a 20 percent larger screen and enhanced durability. With 50 percent thicker glass than the series 6, Apple boasts the strongest glass than previous apple watch models.
With a new sensor installed for the first time in the series 7, it allows the measurement of blood oxygen levels, as well as the ability to take an Electrocardiogram whenever desired. The battery in the new series 7 has improved its charging rate to 33 percent faster charging than the series 6.
“ I’m looking forward to the new apple watch 7 because I workout a lot, and its new health tracking apps will give me more insight into how my body is responding to intense workouts,” said Thomas Staats, a senior.
Apple also announced the release of its new variation of AirPods, the AirPods 3. The new third-generation AirPods promise an increase in sound quality as well as functionality. The AirPod 3 will have a shorter stem and will fit better in the ear while providing more comfort.
The release date has not yet been confirmed on the new AirPods, but according to an article done by, it will likely be around mid-October.
The last thing that Apple announced at its KeyNote event was the redesign of the all-new iPad mini, with a 8.3inch Liquid Retina display that promises ultra-low reflectivity while keeping its sharp and vivid colors. The shape of the iPad has also gone through some major changes as the corners have been more curved out, making it lighter and more protected against screen damage. The new iPad mini is also compatible with the new Apple Pencil 2.
The pencil’s ability to lock onto the side of the iPad ensures that it will remain secure throughout use.