Apple releases iOS 14


Owen Taylor

iOS 14 lock screens allow for customization.

On September 16, Apple released an iOS update that has changed the way the iPhones and iPads work. This update allows users to freely customize their home screen. One of the update’s main features is the addition of widgets.
Widgets add information to the home screen that would usually be found within apps. The widget displays still information and is not interactable, but if tapped on brings the user into the app. One widget that has been given the spotlight is Smart Stack, which allows the user to put many different types of information and pictures on a single widget. Many apps have sprouted since the update, allowing custom ways to show a variety of things.
“I think that it’s cool you can make the homescreen yours. I changed mine by adding photos and color coordinating things,” said Presley Keller, a junior.
Customizing the home screen became a trend after the update was released. With apps that have come out with the update, the apps make customization accentuated. Shortcuts allow the user to change the cover of an app. Instead of going straight to the app, changing the color of the app will take the user through shortcuts first.
Not only has the update changed the potential for home screens, but it has also added the app library. The App Library allows the user to access apps that Apple sorted by category. This feature allows for easy access to apps that the user may have forgotten about.
“I always am forgetting where apps are since I have downloaded so many. The new update allows me to quickly find the app I am looking for,” said Kim Taylor, a local Music Teacher
Another change within iOS 14 is called picture in picture. This feature allows one to continue watching a video or stay on facetime while on another app or on the home screen. This helps with multitasking, note taking, and many other activities.
“I personally like that you can see someone on facetime while going into other apps,” said Landon Indintino, a junior
The update has also changed how phone calls are displayed, instead of a call taking up the whole screen Apple now has something called compact calling. Compact calling allows the user to access their screen while someone is calling. When an iPhone is getting a call the compact calling shows up on the screen and looks just like any other notification, but does not go away until dismissed or answered.
The iPhone 6s through the iPhone 11 Pro Max all have the potential to update to the latest iOS. iPads, including the iPad mini (5th Generation) up to the newly released iPad Pro, can all update to iOS 14 as well. As far as iPods, only the 7th generation iPod touch can update to iOS 14.