Fashion Week returns to Milan

Cait Bunkers, guest writer

Milan fashion week spotlighted 2022’s fall and winter styles from February 22 through 28.
“I’m looking forward to seeing fall and winter trends this year because I have a feeling there will be new items of clothing that are going to pop up from years before and they will become big again,” said Kailin Silbert, a junior.
Fashion weeks provide new, unique trends that contribute new ideas to the fashion industry. This provides excitement to an industry that some are concerned may suffer from overexposure. While fashion critiquing used to be reserved for a limited audience, celebrity outfits are now examined by tabloids and the general public.
One of the unique collections revealed during fashion week is Matthieu Blazy’s first collection for the brand Bottega Veneta.
Blazy began his career as the men’s designer for Raf Simons, and built his portfolio with Maison Martin Margiela, Céline, and Calvin Kline before replacing Daniel Lee as Bottega Veneta’s creative director.
Bottega Veneta bags and shoes are handcrafted in Italy by artisans. The brand has a local store at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.
Fashion weeks offer opportunities for the world to connect through their passion for style.
Each style showcased during fashion week highlighted designers’ personal styles and inspirations. Fashion has the capability to inspire wearers.
“Fashion is the freedom to wear whatever you want because it is your body and your canvas to paint… I think that is just lovely and where the true beauty lies,” said Celeste Dodd, a Starbucks barista.
All in all, Milan fashion week spotlighted seasoned designers, those new to the industry, and everyone in between.