Balaclavas are back


Cooper Lake

Staying warm. Junior Greta Bernard wears a balaclava to keep warm in this chilly weather. She styles it with an oversized sweater.

Hudson Ellis, sports editor

The winter season always ushers in a new wave of fashion trends. This year in particular has seen an interesting new addition to wardrobes around the world; balaclavas.
Originating in Crimea, balaclavas are a type of headwear made from cloth or a knitted material often used to keep the wearer warm in cold climates.
“I have so many balaclavas,” said Kimberly Middlemist, a substitute teacher for the Cave Creek school district. “Some are for warmer or colder weather. They have to match my outfit, I even had one during Christmas that looked like Santa,” said Middlemist.
The balaclava covers the face, leaving a hole open for the eyes or sometimes the mouth as well. Balaclavas are often used in sports such as skiing or snowboarding, and have also been used by military and police organizations for safety and concealment reasons. Recently, balaclavas have become a fashion trend on social media platforms such as TikTok. Social media users often show off balaclavas made by designer brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Sales in balaclava and related headwear have gone way up. Klarna, a multi-use shopping website, has seen a 498% increase in balaclava sales in the last year, according to Nylon, a fashion source for young people.