Athletics popular in everyday wear


Cooper Lake

Sweat in style. Jacob Ong, a senior, wears a Steel lightweight workout shirt paired with basketball shorts and Nike socks. To make the look more casual, Ong wears a pair of Converse.

Jaden Lea, tech editor

The culture and fashion surrounding working out has become trendy over the past decade, which brings the question on what workout brands are the best to wear when at the gym.
“Athleisure” has been a mainstream style of streetwear since the 2010s, but as the trend grows more companies create athletic wear.
While exercising or working out, it is thought that cotton and other heavier materials can be considered uncomfortable or “restricting” to wear during a workout. This is why most of these clothing brands use lighter and thinner materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon. These materials have a stretchy fit that can mold the shape of the body better than cotton.
“I always look for clothes that give me freedom while working out, and aren’t too tight or restricting”, said Jacob Ong, a senior.
Some of the most well known clothing brands in the fitness industry are Lululemon, Gymshark, and Nike. There are plenty of other brands that produce good quality clothes, however these three are typically the top picks.
Figure out your spend.
It is important for most people to determine the price range that they are willing to spend for sports wear. The more expensive the clothes, typically the nicer the material and fit is,.However, there are still plenty of brands that produce affordable gym wear.
Lululemon is one of the most expensive brands for both men and women, with prices ranging from 60 dollars all the way to 180 dollars. It is definitely a more high end brand, however it is still one of the most popular.
There is a sense of “hype” around the brand as more and more people start to wear it, however when it comes to quality, it is clear that the clothes perform well during workouts. They are thin, stretchy, and breathable, which allows for a better feeling in the gym.
Lululemon has a variety of gym wear, from sports bras and leggings, to jogging pants and gym shirts or shorts.
“My favorite brand to wear while working out is Lululemon because they have very nice material that makes me feel comfortable during my workouts”, said Ong.
Gymshark is a much more affordable option when it comes to buying clothes, yet there is still no decrease in quality. Gymshark is known very well for both their male and female clothing as they have sports bras, cut-off shirts, leggings, gym shorts, etc.
Prices range from $25 to around $50, which can still be expensive, however much more affordable than other brands. “I typically think Gymshark is the most affordable brand, and still have high quality material, which is why I wear it,” said Bradley Martin, a fitness influencer.
One of the other top brands for gym wear is Nike, which has always been focused around athleticism. Nike has a large and wide variety of different gear for all different fields of fitness.
Pricing for Nike isn’t too much better than any other top rated brands, as they have clothes ranging from $20 all the way up to $150. There are cheaper options for Nike, however the material quality starts to decrease as pricing drops.
The fitness industry has a large variety of gear to choose from, and the choice all comes down to preference and price range of the buyer.