Wrapping up in style

New Dyson tool does it all for hair styling.


Hailey Dent

New to the market is the Dyson Air Wrap which is the new top hit in the beauty market.

Sarah Love, trending now editor

Those who are obsessed with a bouncy and voluminous look that can be created in a matter of minutes from damp hair will love the Dyson Airwrap.
“I get the idea, the Dyson Airwrap and all in one, you have every hair tool that you could possibly need in one spot, but I just don’t know if it’s worth the price,” said Carly Pullifrone, a freshman.
Unlike traditional hair straighteners and curlers, the Dyson Airwrap is designed to be used on damp hair. The Dyson Airwrap uses low heat and airflow to style, so it is less damaging compared to the more common, high-heat styling tools. Dyson supplies a pre dry attachment to use to help semi – dry the hair before the styling tool gets used. It is designed to measure the temperature multiple times a second to ensure it stays at a healthy temperature for the hair and does not overheat. Although this might sound like a dream, many believe the price just is not worth it.
“I feel like this is something that you would have to use every single day for it to be worth the price, and even then I just don’t know if it is worth it when you can do the same thing with a regular hair tool which takes a little longer but is a fraction of the price,” said Cadence Presta, a junior.
With the rep of one of the most popular additions to the hair game, this styling tool goes for $549.99 With the price being as high as it is, there are many attachments to choose from. Included are two sets of barrels, a pre-styling dryer, one round volumizing brush, and two smoothing brushes. With other hair tools taking up an awkward amount of space and getting tangled in the cords the Dyson Airwrap comes compact in a large tan storage case. Developed by James Dyson, the storage case easily stores and protects all the attachments and the Dyson Airwrap and clasps shut with a magnetic clasp.
“I think having the organization of it would be nice and less cluttered, without having all the cords tangling around the other styling tools, it is definitely packed nicely,” said Samantha Z, an Ulta employee who requested to keep their last name private.