Personalize your car


Claire Geare

Claire Geare, a senior, keeps a Betty Boop and Hello Kitty plushie in her backseat to keep her company and add a pop of fun.

Claire Geare, editor-in-cheif

Get creative with your mirror
Any clipped object or tied object, can hang from your dash. I tied a bag of lavender around mine as an air freshener.
Don’t be afraid to sparkle
Stick on gems are a great way to bling out flat surfaces in your car. Joann’s usually carries a wide selection.
Improve your scenery
Gluing small trinkets to your dash is a fun addition to a drab dash. I’ve found that clear mounting tape keeps the trinkets secure and can be easily peeled off later.
Light up the night
With a string of colorful lights and a few pushpins, your backseat can transform into a disco. Securing the lights to the ceiling of your car using the pins ensures a sturdy hold.
Bring some friends
Whether small or large, stuffed animals make a great addition to any car. I put some miniature bears in my grab handles, and some larger Squishmallows in my backseat for comfort.