Complimenting body shapes made easy for teens

Judy Silva, Food Editor

There are countless different body shapes, but the most common include rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, round, and hourglass.
“Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and you may find you don’t fit neatly into any of the four categories, or that your shape fluctuates with your weight. That’s completely normal,” said Shaw Academy, a public education provider.
Rectangular shape
A rectangular body shape is typically when the shoulders and hips are nearly the same width, with an undefined waist. Dressing a rectangular body is all about balance. Fortunately, due to this body shape being the most common, all clothing tends to fit appropriately. Flare and boot cut jeans are efficient at slimming and elongating the rectangle body shape.
A triangular body shape is defined by the hips being the largest part of the body, the waist is narrower than the hips, and the shoulders are the smallest part of the body. Sometimes referred to as a pear shape or spoon shape. Fitted or cropped shirts are recommended to accentuate the waist and tops with deep necklines can help focus on narrow shoulders. Choosing longer cuts instead of cropped styles to elongate the legs and balance out your proportions.
An inverted triangle body shape is when the shoulders are larger than the waist and the hips are narrow.
The round body shape is overall the largest in measurement. The hips will range from slightly smaller to around the same size as the rest of the body. Tops and dresses with an a-line cut and v-necks compliment the round body shape
The hourglass figure is the most commonly recognized and sought after body shape. The hourglass shape forms when the shoulder and hip measurements are similar, but the waist is significantly smaller.
“Baggy pants and a small shirt is always a go to combination for me because it accentuates my waist,” said Bella Price, a senior.
Fitted tops such as peplum, wrap tops, blouses, and tailored tops suit the hourglass frame. Flare jeans, skinny jeans, and leggings all balance out the larger hips and shoulders.
Overall, these are generic body shapes that don’t apply to everyone, but they provide a general idea of what the body looks like.
What someone wears is highly dependent on if that person feels confident in what they are wearing.
“You need to find what fits you and what you feel comfortable in,” said Kristen Rotenberg, a government teacher.
No matter what the body shape is, if they don’t like what they are wearing or feel uncomfortable they are not going to look how they want to. Measurements are a key component to body shapes and depict what their shape is.