A new look at sports wear


Hailey Dent

Sporty Vibes. Senior Jacob Freedman wears a red Atlantica Hawks sleeveless jersey over a plain grey hoodie to show his support, while still being stylish

Owen Taylor, sports editor

Sports jerseys are being seen more and more in everyday wear as there are many different ways that they can be styled.
Since the weather has been colder lately, people are seen with jerseys over different types of tops. Things such as hoodies and sweaters are seen a lot under many jerseys to help with the cold. In the warmer months, jerseys can be worn over plain white or black t-shirts.
“In the winter I like to wear my jerseys over a hoodie but over the summer I usually wear one over a plain tee,” said Jacob Freedman, a senior.
There is not a certain amount of ways a jersey can be worn, It just depends on the person that is wearing it. Many people wear them under another long sleeve button down or a flannel.
“I like to wear my basketball and football jerseys over different colored sweaters and hoodies depending on the occasion,” said Taylor Lundquist, a student at the University of Arizona.
Girls have been converting their jerseys into a crop top or a shorter shirt by tying a rubber band or hair tie around some of the jersey at the bottom.
“I like tying my jerseys in the back and pairing them with jean shorts,” said Isabella Barlow, a senior.
Many times different jerseys are seen with different types of bottoms. According to Cosmopolitan, soccer jerseys are seen with track pants and joggers, while basketball jerseys are usually seen over a jersey because of the way the jersey is fitted.
Jerseys can be styled up or down. For a fancier sports event, a jersey could be worn with a nice pair of jeans and and heels. Fans are also often seen wearing jearseys stylishly for games and other events to show support.
Hockey jerseys are usually a little bit bigger fitting because of the padding that is usually fitted with them, but nonetheless doesn’t stop them from wearing them over hoodies and large sweaters. Hockey jerseys are seen a lot when skiing or snowboarding, they are currently a trend to wear when on the mountain.
“It’s cool to see students expressing themselves by showing the sports teams they like,” said Kristen Rotenberg, a government and economics teacher.
There are many other ways to style one of your own jerseys, it is just up to the person and the rest of the fit they wear.