Permanent Decisions

Jaden Lea, tech editor

Students and teens turning 18 have been getting tattoos as a way to express themselves as they are finally able to legally get them on their own.
Tattoos are a very controversial topic amongst parents and teens, especially those with strict beliefs. A large majority of parents don’t allow their kids to get permanent tattoos as they don’t think it is a bright idea, however when the kid turns 18 they are able to sign off themselves due to them being an adult.
It has been a common theme throughout highschool students who turn 18 to get tattoos on their birthday or around it.
These tattoos range from small to large, and can be anywhere that the person chooses. There can be meaning behind them, or they just enjoy what it would look like.
“I have a heartbeat on my arm because my mom has AFib (a heart disease). I also have butterflies because my uncle built a butterfly house that was my favorite place when I was younger, and when he passed away all of my family got butterflies,” said Blythe Beardsley, a senior.
Aside from sentimental reasons, many teens get tattoos to exercise their newfound autonomy. As legal adults, they can now make decisions for themselves, including permanent ones. Many parents object to their children getting tattoos because they’ll stick with them forever, but some teens don’t see this as an issue.
“I have three tattoos currently and plan to get a lot more. I don’t regret getting any of them and am excited to continue adding to the collection,” said Zach Tarone, a pinnacle student with tattoos.
A Pew Research Center report said 38% of people from 18-29 said they have at least one tattoo. In a different study conducted by the same company, up to 1 in 4 people experience regret over their tattoo.
“I recently got my first tattoo because I wanted to get something meaningful on my body permanently,” said Ryan Bartholomew, a student at Northern Arizona University.
Students finding their adulthood get tattoos to express their authority and independence.