Lingerie becoming a popular fashion choice


Gianna Lazzaro

chose a lingerie style for her Halloween costume this year. This style became popular in 2020.

Cait Bunkers, sports editor

Wearing lingerie as an everyday piece has become more common recently over a short period of time.
According to The Madame Blue, wearing underwear as outerwear came out in the 1660s, when Catherine de Medici introduced corsets to the French court as a women’s fashion essential, meant to be seen. The trend surged in the 70s when Vivienne Westwood put a modern twist on the style, and was later followed by Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier-designed corset and cone bra combos during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. More recently, the trend has made a resurgence during the pandemic as loungewear has become more socially acceptable to wear in public.
Lingerie tops such as lacy bras and corsets provide much more flexibility than bottoms do, as they provide more coverage than bottoms.
“You should definitely pair it with a bunch of accessories or you will be overexposed,” said Bella Price, a junior.
To incorporate lingerie into an everyday outfit, one could wear a lacy bra under a blazer or partially unbuttoned top and pants. Another pairing that provides more coverage is a corset over a short sleeved blouse. For a more subtle yet noticeable pop, wear a lacy bra under a shirt with a wide neckline.
Pairing a garter with shorts or a miniskirt is a creative way to wear it as bottoms. Because lingerie is limited in bottoms, fishnets under bottoms are another way to incorporate the style.
“A top over a top… or with fishnets. I also just really like layering,” said Brooklyn Wilcox, a senior.
It is important to mix the right colors together in order to create the perfect look. While white pairs well with black to create a basic pairing, complimentary colors such as green and pink and blue and orange create a bright look.
The trend can still be accomplished at school. While dress codes are more restrictive and provide less flexibility to explore the trend, there are still ways to do so.
“Everything should be covered… no tube tops, and in shorts, covering the bottom,” said Jill Colombo, a security guard.
The trend has served as a challenge to the status quo and demonstrates that people can wear whatever they want with confidence.