Falling into autumn fashion

As we descend deeper into fall, students begin dressing for the cooler weather with trendy pieces incorporated into their personal styles.


Hailey Dent

Jacey Habighosrt, a freshman, wears a flannel hoodie paired with knee-high boots for a simple and fresh fall look.

Jordan Kern, staff writer

The 2021 fall season comes with a lot of new clothing styles that are trending all over the world. The cooler it gets, the warmer people dress and it’s becoming very popular especially around high school teenagers with the new clothes that are being worn daily.
“Fall is my favorite time of the year because I definitely like to be comfortable. I also like it because you can be cozy and wear your oversized sweatshirts, boots, and jeans,” said Andrea Daly, an English teacher.
According to Modern Teen, a fashion and design website, flannels have become extremely popular during the fall season because it gives off a country look, especially in the western states.They can be found at a lot of stores such as Walmart, Tilly’s, H & M, Target and many more.
“I just like to wear them because they look nice and it’s the style now that it’s getting chilly,” said Jalen Schneider, a senior.
According to Basketball Victoria, a website dedicated to giving style advice, another trend that has been popular for a while, but now starting to come in more, are jerseys over sweatshirts. Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, any sport , teenagers and adults are wearing them now. They can go over regular t-shirts or sweatshirts as well which attracts people to the style.
“I’m doing it to support my team who I like, and I also like the way it looks on me,” said Ethan Alfreder, a senior.
When it comes to jerseys, not only do people wear today’s teams, they wear vintage jerseys which have also become very popular.
Obviously sweatshirts are worn when it’s cold, and most times people want it a little bit snug to keep warm, but now, oversized sweatshirts are making their way around. According to Vogue, a popular American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine, it looks to be more popular within females, especially in high school, because the style attracts them. Although most females tend to side toward oversized sweatshirts, it still is fairly worn throughout males.
Beanies have also made an appearance and have become a trendy item, according to Glamour, an online women’s magazine, as it gets cooler and cooler. Yes, it is meant to be worn to keep your head and ears warm, but people wear them to match their outfits and because of the style. There are different types of beanies such as cotton ones, fuzzy, or even the new cuffless style.
Matching short sweat sets have become a new style for girls all over the place. These clothes can be bought in sets of a sweatshirt/long sleeve shirt and pants that match with each other. It’s more of a street type of style which is why it has become one of the most popular fall trending clothes for girls, and guys as well this year.
This year’s 2021 fall clothing trends in Arizona are coming in quick especially since the chilly season is on its way.