Making a statement

Livia Lowe, science editor

Statement pieces are a great way to upgrade personal style by adding pops of color, texture, or shape. These pieces can be accessories, shoes, pants, jackets and tops.
All throughout history there have been many instances of people wearing statement pieces. Ancient Egyptians wore big neck collars, gold rings, and earrings. During the early 20th century, women wore large statement hats often decorated with feathers. In the 1960’s, mini skirts were seen as a statement because of how controversial they were.
Life is all about taking risks and it is no exception with style. Finding personal style can help with self confidence.
“I like experimenting with style by adding bright colors with dark colors for contrast,” said Aubrey Ozaki, a senior
It does get harder and harder to find unique statement pieces as websites like Shein and other cheap fast fashion websites get more popular. These websites not only steal designs from independent fashion designers but also the quality they are produced at is low. Fast fashion websites tend to promote trendy items but once those items quickly go out of trend, the clothes end up in thrift stores which pushes out the one of a kind items many people go to thrift stores to look for.
“Everybody is getting their clothes from Shein because it’s cheap so all of them are having the same style which can affect your personal style and what you like because you’re influenced by everyone else,” said Kaylee Black, a senior.
Having trendy items isn’t a bad thing. In fact, clothing trends tend to cycle and things that were popular decades ago are becoming trends again. Lots of clothing trends from the 1990’s are coming back again like baggy jeans and platform shoes. This phenomenon is called the 20 year cycle.
“I really like the style right now because it reminds me of how I used to dress in high school and there’s something comforting in that,” said Angela Thomas, IB coordinator and government teacher.
Styling statement pieces can be a challenge, especially if someone is unfamiliar with fashion. When getting into styling statement pieces, pairing them with basics can make it easier. When it becomes more comfortable, trying to pair statement pieces with other statement pieces can be a fun activity.
“Usually as a rule of thumb I try to do one statement piece with basics but lately I like doing a bunch of statement pieces together and it works,” said Tilda Hanlon, a senior.
Statement pieces are a unique addition to a wardrobe that sets the person apart from everyone else.