At home haircuts becomes the new salon

Hair growth is something that can be an issue under normal circumstances, but with the quarantine, it has become an even bigger concern. With salons closed, many people have started to cut their own hair or family member’s hair.
When deciding whether to cut hair at home, a person should first decide if it’s absolutely necessary.
“Cutting and coloring your hair are two things no one should ever do by themselves,” says Sharron Spilo, a former hairdresser.
However, if it is deemed unlivable, there are ways to handle the event in a controlled manner.
The first tip is to never get heavy handed with scissors and always cut less than what is needed.
“My best tip is to cut less, micro trimming the ends so you don’t get into a sticky situation is best,” said Spilo.
When cutting hair at home, many people tend to cut exactly where they want the ends of the hair to stop, but this is something that should be avoided. The length of the hair can look different when it’s put back into the original position, dried or even moved around when being styled.
It is better to have someone else cut your hair rather than try and do it yourself. So, if it is deemed completely necessary to cut or even dye hair, have someone else do it for you.
“Someone else doing it is better, they have a different and better angle and can easily get hard to reach spots,” said Olivia Nachtweih, a freshman.
Having another person cut the hair can help to avoid mistakes that will be hard to fix when salons open back up after quarantine.