Ways to change up a bedroom during quarantine

Olivia Ziegler explores options of creative ways to change up a bedroom with supplies that many people have at home.


Miah Thirion

Creating a photo wall with copper wire and clips can help to make room more personal and can be a creative project to do during quarantine.

With the stay at home order in place, most people are spending their days in their bedrooms. Redecorating a bedroom can be a fun and stimulating project, and can provide a different environment to live in, which can make the quarantine more bearable. Because most stores are closed, things lying around the house can be used to redecorate.
According to Spruce.com, one way you can redecorate your room is by rearranging your furniture. This can make your room feel larger and more spacious, and it can also help to declutter what is unneeded. With those unneeded items, donating them to Goodwill or thrift stores will not only help those in need but will free the room of unwanted or unneeded items, creating more space and functionality.
According to Good Housekeeping, another way to make a room feel new and improved is by changing the wall color. Most people have old paint cans sitting somewhere in the house that can be used. If there is not enough paint for an entire wall, painting patterns to create an accent wall can help to make a room feel different and new.
“I changed the color of my room to a grey-blue color. I used some extra paint that we had from painting the guest bedroom,” said Caitlyn Ogami, a sophomore.
Another fun project that can be done at home is painting canvases. Canvases are cheap and can be purchased online. Hanging up the painted canvases in a room can add some art and make a room feel complete and personalized.
According to Homedit.com, another option to personalize and change a room during quarantine is to print off pictures and hang them up on the wall or put them in old frames that can go on the nightstand or dresser. Adding pictures of friends or family to a room can bring a personal touch to a room.
To add some life and extra color into a bedroom, plants are another good option.
“I used some plants in my room to redecorate it. I went outside and got some rocks and plants to use for my room,” said Ella Perry, a sophomore.
Redecorating a room can be fun and easy to do during this quarantine. There are many different ways to make a room feel like a new space without spending money, or having to go out and buy supplies. It can be surprising what amount of resources that most people have sitting in their homes that have great potential in creating a new space.