Deep cleaning becomes popular as people stay home for quarantine

With COVID-19 going on, people are stuck at home with a lot to do and a lot of time to do it. During these tough times there can be a lot of uncertainty and worry while being stuck at home. With that being said, this can be the perfect time to get organized and deep clean to hopefully release some anxiety.
While stuck at home all day doing work and school online, it is very important to keep not only your new work area clean but your mind as well. According to a study at University of Connecticut, repetitive behaviors such as cleaning were what people gravitated towards when stressed or anxious. During times that are stressful, cleaning can give a sense of control, and a feeling of comfort.
“I personally enjoy cleaning because it helps me feel in control and helps me feel more clear minded. If my space or room is messy I get really anxious and it won’t go away until I do it,” said Madison Porcello, a freshman.
A good spot to start at when deep cleaning is getting rid of all the trash and junk around the room. Then, once all the clutter is removed you can start organizing things. It’s important to only keep things you really need. Put everything that is essential and that you use everyday in the front of drawers where it is easily accessible. Having a routine spot for everything also helps so that cleaning can go faster. It is important to wipe all surfaces down and clean all windows and mirrors as well.
“For me personally, I deep clean probably every two weeks because I keep everything pretty clean all the time. My best tip is to just stay clean all the time so that there is never the stress of cleaning anything in the first place,” said Clara Gamber, a freshman.
An easy way to stay organized and maximize space is to buy organizers and containers. During a pandemic, you can’t go to stores but websites like Amazon and Target have both affordable and aesthetically pleasing organizers.
While it may seem like deep cleaning is a long and hard process, it doesn’t have to be. By regularly cleaning and keeping things tidy, you could deep clean less often. And after completing the task of deep cleaning your area, it not only just cleans your space, but could also help clear your mind too.