Comfortable clothing becomes the new normal

During this quarantine, it can feel natural for many to stay in pajamas or comfy clothes. This type of clothing can provide a sense of comfort for many in a time that seems uncertain or unsure.
“On a typical day during quarantine, I wear shorts and a t-shirt. I get most of my comfy clothes at Lululemon and Pacsun,” said Isabella Quinn, a sophomore.
For many people, sweatpants and sweatshirts is the type of clothes they feel most comfortable in while staying home. Brands like Lululemon and Pacsun can provide many options that are both stylish and comfortable.
However, some people like to get dressed up in order to feel energized and ready to start the day, especially when that is what most people are used to doing when life is normal. Getting dressed up and fully ready for the day can allow a feeling of a normal routine.
“I get dressed up for online school as if it was a normal day of school. I wear a sweatshirt, shorts, and Vans while at home,” said Colson Trollope, a freshman.
When considering wearing clothes that are comfortable, many people think of pajamas. Wearing these even during the day can provide a sense of security.
“I wear pajamas a lot. There are day pajamas and night pajamas. Of course I shower before I put on my night pajamas,” said Lydia Toraya, a Spanish teacher.
Another thing many people are doing during quarantine is online shopping. Because many stores are closed to in-person sales, people are relying on online shopping. Some online shopping websites are even having discounts because their stores are not open to in-person sales.
There are many options of what to wear during quarantine, whether that is comfortable clothing, pajamas or wearing normal clothing.