Keeping up with your hair and nails during quarantine

During these hard times, salons of all kinds have been closed down as one of the many necessary precautions to maximize safety. With these closures comes a struggle for men and women to keep their personal appearance in order, resulting in creative ways to keep themselves maintained.
One of the things that many women have to maintain is their nails. Because acrylics, dip, and other forms of fake nails have grown out, it can be hard to manage them without being able to go to a salon to get them redone. This means that many women may have to remove the nails at home themselves. This process can be complex, so it can be crucial to do it correctly so that the nails do not get damaged.
“Soak a cotton ball in acetone or a strong nail polish remover and put it on top of your fake nail, wrap your nail in a small amount of tin foil and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the thickness of your nail. Once it’s done unwrap and pat dry your nail, the nail should be easy to file and you can file out the remaining residue,” said Billie Grill, a beauty consultant at Ulta.
After this is complete, there are many things that can be done to ensure the nails grow back strong and healthy.
“Apply a generous amount of jojoba oil or a nail oil that you can find at most stores to help keep your nails strong,” said Grill.
Hair is another thing that many people may have to maintain by themselves. Although there is not much a person can do about dyed hair growing and exposing roots, there are some things that can help increase the health of hair. An example of this is a hair mask.
“To keep all your hair shiny and hydrated you can mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with one egg and leave that in your hair for like 30 minutes,” said Kama Schwan, a former hairdresser.
Another thing that many people can struggle with during this time is dry scalp because of the changing season and temperature. However, there are at home solutions that can help to lessen this.
“[To help dry scalp you can] water down apple cider vinegar and massage it into your head,” said Schwan.
Completing these seemingly small tasks to maintain a good physical appearance can help to maintain a schedule in the midst of these uncertain times for many.