Leather becomes a popular statement piece this fall


Gianna Lazaro

There are many different ways to style leather, Blake Dorame a senior, shows off his favorite style. Brown is a popular color because it fits well with light wash jeans and any type of shoes.

Frida Alvarado, in depth editor

Despite temperatures currently in the nineties, fall weather will hit Arizona some time soon, and, according to fashion experts around the country, leather will be the new “must have” clothing

Leather can be a main staple in any type of style. It is a safe investment in upgrading wardrobes whether its grunge, gothic, bohemian or even trendy.

“Leather can basically go with anything in my opinion. I think it’s really cool but I don’t wear I often,” said Joe Denzak, a junior. 

It can be found in many forms and can help transform any outfit.

“I have pleather shoes and belts. I wear my pleather boots and wear them with a dress out, or to work. I usually wear them once a month since it’s so hot,” said Kristine Zeeb, a math teacher. 

One of the reasons for the increased popularity of leather this fall is the current fashion obsession with anything from the ‘80s. The Zoe Report, an online site that reports on fashion trends, predicts that leather will be everywhere, from pants and dresses to jackets. 

One thing to consider before heading out to shop is that leather is expensive. However, those on a budget can still find the leather they are looking for. Heading to thrift and vintage stores is one way to find leather for less money. The Zoe Report also suggested that leather-seekers head to Urban Outfitters’ website, which “currently has a trove of vintage leather pants listed on its website for $59 a pop. Available in sizes XS through L, each pair of pants will be one of a kind, though Urban Outfitters does note in the product description that each one will be high-waisted with a relaxed fit.”

The current trend in leather includes a variety of colors, from the traditional brown and black, to more vibrant colors, like the bright red leather pants at Urban Outfitters. Wild colors are not for everyone.

“I like black. It goes with anything,” said Denzak.

The Idle man.com is a website made to assist men in easily finding the best, most fashionable, and well-priced clothing brands, focusing primarily on jackets.

A good leather coat can be worn not only on casual days but in semi-formal events as well. They should be fitted. For a more rugged look, go for a worn-out style leather jacket. Another option is to style the jacket with distressed jeans, this will turn the outfit into a more trendy look. With a variety of style options, you can add a leather jacket to any outfit that fits your style.

“I used to wear leather jackets every day of my life. I see a lot of people at night downtown wearing leather since I feel like it’s more of a night time look,” said Sebastion Rico, a sophomore. 

Idleman.com also stated that not all seasons are suitable for wearing a leather jacket. It is recommended to wear it in cooler seasons, because the thick fabric acts as a barrier of insulation, trapping body heat and preventing it from escaping. Consider the temperature before choosing to wear it.

“I stopped wearing leather [in Arizona] because normally I’d go to other places that would have perfect weather to wear my jacket,” said Rico.

Leather can be convenient for the winter seasons because they are warm, but it can be hard to incorporate leather style in the warmer months.