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Miah Thirion
"I absolutely love photography. Since I was little I have loved having a camera in my hand, and I love the thrill of being able to use my creativity and see a final result. Something else I love is being outdoors- I love going camping, hiking, and just exploring anywhere outdoors (especially when I can get my friends to tag along), and I have come to realize Arizona is the perfect place for that. My story about joining newspaper is actually pretty ironic. I was put into the class by accident freshman year and was terrified of a class that required a ton of writing. I wanted to switch out before trying it, but my mom told me to try it out for a few weeks. I immediately LOVED it and has done it for the last four years- this class has been my favorite part of high school. Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I am from South Africa and English isn’t my first language. After high school I am attending Grand Canyon University to get a Bachelor's of science with an emphasis in exercise science, and then attend another school to get a license for Occupational Therapy."

Miah Thirion, Photography Editor

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Miah Thirion