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Miah Thirion

Miah Thirion is a 15-year-old sophmore that enjoys singing, pop and country music, baking, and spending time in her youth group. Thirion also likes to shop at Forever 21 and American Apparel. She definitely prefers Dsophomoreutch Bros. over Starbucks. One might be able to find her on the two social media sites that she uses, which include, Instagram and Snapchat.

Thirion was actually born in South Africa and moved to Arizona siz years ago. Her birthday is in September, which makes her a Virgo.   

Currently, Thirion works at AZ on the Rocks, which is a local rock climbing gym in Scottsdale. Rock climbing is something Thirion takes a strong interest in and has been doing so for a year now. Her and her family just one day decided to go out and try it and now it is something she loves to do. Although, her plans for the future are, “To go to GCU and study to be an occupational therapist,” says Thirion.

Miah Thirion, Film Editor

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