The CS Press

2017-2018 Staff

Kiera Riley

Editor in Chief

Entering her fourth year at Cactus Shadows, not only does Kiera Riley tackle the role of Editor In Chief of the CS Press, but also the Art Editor position on the Literary Magazine and the position of Editor in Chief for the online...

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Sara Windom

Editor In Chief

Sara Windom, a senior, is the Editor-in-Chief of the paper's newest addition, Intrigue Magazine. In the past, Windom worked on the paper as the style editor. Her work with design transfers over to her new position, Design Editor,...

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Lauren Haggar

News Editor

Dog lover, news editor, and adventurer, Lauren Haggar does it all. Haggar has a twin brother and a dog named Ryder. Openly showing her love for animals, she hopes to run a rescue one day. Currently, she spends her days volunteering...

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Annalee Barnett

Sports Editor

When she's not at school, Annalee Barnett is either found at church or playing golf in the sun. After graduating from South Eastern University, Barnett aspires to become a foreign correspondent and travel to places such as Russia...

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Faith Hasher

Opinion Editor

Faith Hasher, a senior, intensely involves herself in clubs and sports around campus. On top of being the opinion editor, she runs on both the varsity track and cross country teams. She wishes to attend the University of Arizona...

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Olivia Stickel

Features Editor

Whether its leading a Yearbook team, editing the Newspaper, contributing to Literary Magazine, running the Fashion Club or just working at the Gap, Olivia Stickel does it all. This year, Stickel takes on the Features section of...

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Mia Gilling

Style Editor

Mia Gilling, senior and style/photo editor, finds her passion in portrait photography and free coffee from her work, Janey's Coffeehouse. When Gilling is not scouting out spots for photoshoots, she can be found head banging and...

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Emma Russello

Travel Editor

Emma Russello, a senior, has been on the staff for two years now, this year taking on the Travel position this year. In her free time, Russello loves going to concerts and hanging out with her friends.

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Sean Gannon

Tech Editor

Sean Gannon, a senior, takes on the new tech page for the paper and looks forward to covering everything from cars to computers. In his free time, Gannon plays volleyball, attends car shows, and hangs out with his girlfriend and...

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Katelyn Reinhart

Spotlight Editor

Katelyn Reinhart, a senior, enters her third year of newspaper with enthusiasm as the Spotlight editor. As an aspiring journalist, Reinhart hopes to make a career out of writing, regardless of the topic. Although she is not sure...

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Grace Haycraft-McKee

Trending Now Editor

Grace Haycraft-McKee is a senior and has been a part of newspaper staff for two years. She is returning to newspaper because she genuinely enjoyed coming to class and had never done anything like it. Haycraft-McKee was born in...

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Zoie Lambesis

Foodie Editor

Concert goer, adventure seeker, and music lover, Zoie Lambesis, a senior, shares her many passions through her job as Foodie editor. When she is not editing for the paper, Lambesis makes crepes and coffee at the Village Coffee...

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Maddie Howard

Creeker Editor

Maddie Howard, a senior, works as the Creeker editor for the paper. Outside of school, Howard enjoys hanging out with friends, working at American Eagle, and living an active lifestyle. Because she spends most of her time working,...

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Tyler Shea

Staff Writer

Tyler Shea, a junior, is new to the journalism class this year. Though he is a rookie to the news environment, he is no stranger when it comes to writing. Last year, Shea was in a creative writing course to improve his writing...

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Avianna Hoppes

Staff Writer

Avianna Hoppes, a sophomore, shuffled from Phoenix to San Diego and back to Phoenix again. Avid volleyball player and sports enthusiast, Hoppes shows her excitement for writing sports articles and reporting for the paper.

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Maja Peirce

Staff Writer

Though she has never taken an official course in journalism, Maja Peirce, a junior, also participates in Literary Magazine. When she's not working behind the scenes of it all, she is submitting her own poetry and attending and...

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Morgan Reimer

Staff Writer

Morgan Reimer, a junior, joined the newspaper to continue improving her skills at writing and for her enjoyment of reading. Some of her top favorite series are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. She also enjoys reading Spiderman...

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Gillian Kinzie

Staff Writer

Formerly in a Creative Writing class, Gillian Kinzie, a junior, is excited to join the newspaper team this year. Wanting to try a different form of writing, Kinzie hopes to appreciate more arts and hidden gems within the school....

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Aidia Neilson

Staff Writer

Aidia Nielson is in her last stretch at Cactus Shadows. In her free time she likes to learn anything and anything she does not have any knowledge for. Her favorite book is Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonteguet. She enjoys history...

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Kassidy Wheeler

Staff Writer

Spending his summer working on school classes, Kassidy Wheeler is doing his best to enjoy the new school year. This year, he likes his classes, and is especially looking forward to join newspaper, as he feels he will enjoy it...

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Griffin Goldstein

Staff Writer

Griffin Goldstein, a senior, actively participates in track and leads the cross country team as the boys captain. Throughout his four years running on the team, Goldstein continues to break his personal records. In the future,...

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Brook Bowman

Staff Writer

Brook Bowman is a junior at Cactus Shadows who hopes to pursue a career in journalism. At home, she has two cats along with a brother and sister. Last year she took a creative writing course and is hoping to go to school to study...

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Annie Olivera

Staff Writer

Annie Olivera is a junior at Cactus Shadows. Describing her and her friends as loud and careless, yet confident and courageous, Olivera is still introverted at heart. She enjoys completing tasks backstage at plays and is joining...

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