Hoveeg Boyadjian: a student favorite


Cooper Lake

Getting educated. Hoveeg Boyadjian gives his Pre-calculus class a lesson on graphing functions.

Paul Wernes, travel editor

Hoveeg Boyadjian, better known as Mr. B, is a well liked math teacher at Cactus Shadows High School.
He started off his teaching career at Mathnasium, which is an American education brand and supplemental math learning franchise consisting of over 1,000 learning centers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It provides math tutoring to students in pre-kindergarten through high school.
“At Cactus Shadows I have the opportunity to help more students with math, especially those that wouldn’t usually go to extra help services. Also, a lot of my teachers from when I was a student here were still teaching. Having an opportunity to work alongside those that had a positive impact on me, especially my math teachers, has been an awesome experience,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian, a math teacher.
Boyadjian is able to use one-on-one skills from Mathnasium in the classroom in order to fully teach math topics to his students when they do not understand. Not only does Boyadjian teach, his life also includes some interesting hobbies.
Has hobbies
“My hobbies include cooking and baking, puzzle solving, playing video games, and riding my bike,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian.
Boyadjian loves telling stories about his cooking journey because he started off with little knowledge and is improving with practice. He is always trying something new to expand on his cooking skills.
“I remember in my junior year we used to do a lot of sudoku puzzles in order to get our brains going. I enjoyed them because it was something different,” said Matthew McGregor, a senior.
Not only does Boyadjian like cooking and solving puzzles, he also loves watching tv shows and playing fighting video games during his free time.
“I am currently into fighting games and have been enjoying the learning process, even though I lose most of my matches,” said Boyadjian.
Likes algebra
During his time at Cactus Shadows, he has taught algebra and geometry. In college he focused on algebra and took classes such as, Ring Theory, Group Theory, and Abstract Algebra. He feels the most comfortable with Algebra.
“I was extremely happy when I found out he was my teacher my sophomore year because I knew I would fully understand math for the first time. He helped me a lot at mathnasium and I knew I would be comfortable when asking for help,” said Jacob Ong, a senior
Boyadjian has made a positive impact here on campus by helping students enhance their math skills.