Students add modification to cars


Jaden Lea

Engines Ready. A student modified car gets ready for a evening drive

Jaden Lea, tech editor

Car modifications are becoming more popular amongst students due to the enjoyment and community that grows through a passion for cars, and aftermarket parts.
There are a plethora of modifications that can be done to cars. Some for aesthetics, others for performance or noise. The most common car modification that is seen throughout vehicles is modified exhausts. These usually contain a smaller, and or no muffler.
Loud for a reason
Compared to factory vehicles, which contain a large muffler to keep noise levels down. Some may be curious about the importance of this and why someone would make their car louder on purpose.
“My favorite mod on my car is my exhaust because it makes the car sound so much more aggressive and makes my driving experience much more enjoyable”, said Matt Coggins, a senior.
As far as exterior modifications and parts to increase the aesthetic of a vehicle, there are a variety of aftermarket parts that can change the entire look of a car. Some of these mods include side skirts, front lips, rear diffusers, new wheels/tires, different hoods, etc.
Carbon fiber looks aggressive
There are different textures/patterns that aftermarket parts can come in, the most common being carbon fiber.
People replace stock parts (as in parts that the car comes with from the factory) for a more aggressive or nice looking part. For example, a stock hood is commonly replaced with a carbon fiber hood as it allows for better performance as well as looks more aggressive.
Some find performance more important and modify components of their engine. Some of these modifications are a cold air intake, bigger intercooler, downpipe/headers, charge pipe, also known as the ‘full bolt ons’.
“ My favorite part about modding my car is getting the satisfaction out of working on it and finishing it “, said Hunger Larson, a car enthusiast.
These are meant to make the car perform better as well as increase horsepower and torque, which are measurements for how fast/quick a car is.
There are many different types of ‘builds’ at the school, some being built to look nice, and others built to perform well. There are also some builds that have both attributes.
“I love to see the build finally come together and finally see all the time and effort I’ve put into making my car into my own”, said Nicki Dimitri, a drift performer.
Modifying vehicles is a way to make the everyday driving experience much more enjoyable. Whether exterior, interior, performance, or aesthetic, there is a car community with enthusiasts all around.