Sing us a song


Cooper Lake

Getting in tune. Singer and songwriter Monet Emery gets her guitar in tune to play a song. Emery has been singing her entire life.

Will Donegan and staff writer

Singer songwriter Monet Emery has a style best described as indie, her strong vocals and impeccable melody help transfix listeners.
Emery has been a singer her entire life but really started to apply herself around the age of seven. She joined a group called upscale kids where she learned to perform in front of people by taking part in performances where she learned how to work the stage and sing in front of people.
“I’m really hooked on Lucy Dacus” said Emery when asked who she looks up to the most. Dacus is an indie rock singer who is the lead singer of Boygenius.
Emery’s biggest goal is to release an album within the next 2 years
“ I’m a songwriter so I really just want to get my songs on a CD,” said Emery.
Emery gains performance experience by singing at school events, she has also sung at coffee shops and in musicals.
The biggest challenge for most is to sing and perform in front of people but it doesn’t affect Emery as she has been performing her entire life.
“If you’re interested in singing in your own time, song selection is key, it doesn’t have to be something that you love, the song has to showcase your voice well” said Emery.
“Advice that I would give to someone who is looking to start performing is to also learn how to play an instrument, especially an acoustic guitar. It helps you in the long run” said Emery.
Emery eclames that she would like to include more diversity in the songs that she sings.
“Monet is an incredible musician; her range and ability to sing a variety of different ways sets her apart” said Devon Breese, a junior.
She explains that she will never turn a suggestion down and she is always looking to try new things. Keeping an open mind is most important for her at this stage in her career.