Minecraft drops new update with more caves and mobs

opular videogame, Minecraft, releases it’s new update which can be played by everyone. The game has expanded to allow more creative freedom for the players.

Judy Silva, food editor

On November 30th, a new Minecraft update was released, and it’s audience had mixed reviews.
“I like playing Minecraft because I can be as creative as I want to be and play with my friends,” said Wyatt Courtney, a senior.
Minecraft is a video game where players can build, battle mobs, and mine for ore.
The game can be played alone, or with multiple players on a single server. The game is available on many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Mobile, and Xbox.
With the new update came many new additions to the Minecraft world. The main addition to the game is the larger scaled mountains and in depth cave systems. Cave systems also now have new ores such as copper.
“The best part about the new update is the new caves,” said Hudson Barr, a student at Black Mountain.
New cave shapes will now appear for players in the shapes of cheese, spaghetti, and noodle caves. Ore distribution and larger ore veins were implemented and can be found at new levels. Another reason for ore being located at new levels is due to the increase in world height and depth. It is now possible to build all the way up to y320 and also dig down to y-64.
Mojang’s main goal was to expand the world to allow more creative liberty for the players.
“Any generation can play the game and express themselves freely without the game telling them what they are allowed to do,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian.
Minecraft is made to be used in a multitude of different ways and it is up to the player to choose how they want to play.