Matthew McGregor: one of the many voices behind the daily school announcements


Philip Tate

Spreading the news. Senior Matt McGregor performs the daily announcements in the front office.

Philip Tate, editor-in-cheif

Matthew McGregor, one of the voices behind the daily announcements, a member of Student council and a nest leader this school year, is always showing his falcon pride by doing the most at Cactus Shadows.
“I love Cactus Shadows because there are so many great people who all hold such talent and abilities. My goal is to inspire them to be their greatest selves,” Matt McGregor, a senior.
The daily announcements are done by a group of 10 students within Cactus Shadows’s Student council. McGregor is only scheduled to do the announcements two times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, but he typically does it three times a week covering other speakers. The announcements are set with 10 speakers and are supposed to have 2 a day, but because of how much McGregor likes to do the announcements his co-speakers often ask him to cover them.
“Well it’s amazing to inform everybody about the amazing events happening at Cactus shadows. I enjoy it because I get to be on the staff side of Cactus Shadows and I get to see the bigger picture of our high school,” said McGregor.
This school year, McGregor has worked on creating and establishing the homecoming theme, working on multiple pep rallies, and helped come up with multiple spirit week ideas and dealt a part in trying to raise holiday spirit with free cookies. McGregor’s first year in student council is this school year and he enjoys it because he loves to be able to do something for the school and community.
“Matt has been a great addition to student leadership, he wasn’t in student council before, but he is for the first time his senior year and he always brings tremendous enthusiasm to all of the projects that we do and he always has a good outlook and willing to help out whenever needed and those same characteristics carry over to being a nest leader,” said Allison Zilka, the Student Council advisor.
Nest Leaders are Cactus Shadows’s hype men at sporting events and pep rallies. The purpose of a nest leader at sport games is to keep the crowd engaged in the game and get everyone to participate in school spirit. McGregor became a nest leader to go alongside his fellow classmates that he grew up with in getting everyone to love the Cactus Shadows environment like he does.
“Being a Nest Leader with Matt was truly something out of a movie. Matt was just always so hyperactive and excited about everything and he was just such a great guy, he never really had a bad day, he’s always in a good mood, he lifted everyone’s spirits, he was a great addition to Student Council and the Nest Leaders, and I think it wouldn’t have been the same senior year Nest Leader team if it wasn’t for Matt,” Connor Lund, a Nest Leader.
McGregor shows his love for Cactus Shadows and the students everyday through all the things he does. For the future, he plans to attend ASU and go into commercial real estate.