Ready to make some changes

Student Body Presidents work to make the school a better place.


Cooper Lake

Seniors, Brooklyn Wilcox and Christian Waters, were elected to fulfill the role as Student Body presidents

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor

Seniors Brooklyn Wilcox and Christian Waters have taken on the role of Student Body Presidents for the 2021-2022 school year.
“I have been in Student Council since I was a freshman and I have always been very dedicated to show up and do my part,” said Wilcox.
Wilcox was inspired to run for this position when the Student Body President during her freshman year mentored her and believed she could win. Although Wilcox was not very confident in winning, to gain support she walked around campus everyday passing out candy and introducing herself to students weeks leading up to the election. Along with that, Wilcox also posted campaign posters with the slogan “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” a reference from a hip-hop group called Beastie Boys.
“When I ran I was pretty confident I would win because I was the only guy running, and I had a lot of my friends agree to help my campaign,” said Waters.
Similar to Wilcox, Waters also passed out candy to students, as well as hung posters that read “Vote 4 Waters.” He made t-shirts for his friends to wear during school hours, switching which people would wear them each day.
“Students running for Student Body President must be enrolled in the student leadership class and have served as a member of the student council for a minimum of two solid semesters prior to entering the race,” said Allison Zilka, Student Council advisor.
Duties of the position include club meetings, administration meetings, and strategic planning committees. Although not required, it is expected of them to attend anything Student Council related. This includes sporting events, school dances, and pep rallies. The Presidents, as well as the rest of Student Council, have the power of deciding anything from which charities or community services to participate in, to the homecoming and prom themes.
“Christian and I both went to a couple strategic planning committees where teachers, principals, community members, and the superintendent talked about a plan to change the school for the better next year,’’ said Wilcox.
At a strategic planning committee, Wilcox emphasized the importance of student to teacher relationships, and how to make the school a better place. The main thing Waters wants to improve this year is the opportunities for all students to have fun at school. Thus meaning school events being inclusive for everyone, despite interests or popularity.
“Everyone in Stuco has as much of a voice as I do, the only difference is I can directly communicate to the actual people in power in the district,” said Waters.
A common misconception about Student Body Presidents is that they control every decision for the student council. In reality, their job is more representative than presidential. They provide main communication between Student Council and administration and speak on behalf of the entire club.
“The best student body presidents are kind to their peers, cooperative, open-minded, responsible, have good school spirit, and are eager and able to meet the various expectations of their presidency,” said Zilka.
Wilcox and Waters continue to invent new ways to improve the school, and help make decisions for the better of every student on campus.