Leading the Nest to the fullest

Nest leaders are there to pump up the crowd during school sporting events.


Cooper Lake

Nest Leaders Matt McGregor and Adam Schwartz accompany Floyd the Falcon to greet students as they enter the pep rally.

Cooper Lake, staff writer

Nest leaders are a handpicked group of students chosen to lead cheers at sporting events to get fans excited and full of spirit.
These students organize chants and cheers for students to use at games to motivate Falcon athletes. They also assist Stuco in the organization and implementation of activities for students in the stands.
Nest leaders are often students who like attending football games and showing their school spirit, so they are a good example for proper participation at school events.
“Most often, Nest leadership has been something students have been thinking about since the first football game they attended their freshman or sophomore year,” said Allison Zilka, one of two Stuco advisors.
Each year’s Nest leaders are chosen by Student Council advisor Cameron Bender based on who would best represent the school. Bender seeks to ensure Nest leaders care about the school and will do what is necessary in the name of school spirit.
The kids themselves come to Bender to request to be a Nest leader. A lot of those who apply have wanted it for a long time, and most of the time, everyone who applies gets the job.
To be a Nest leader there are no prerequisites other than being passionate about school spirit. Students do not have to be in student council to be a Nest leader.
“Any student at this school can become a Nest leader as long as you have the passion,” said Matt McGregor, a senior Nest leader.
While being a Nest leader is a student’s choice, it is also a commitment. They have to attend most, if not all, sporting events. Nest leaders practice and plan for upcoming events with the help of the student council.
“Since there are a lot of games to attend in a year, Nest leaders also need to be good at time management and following through with commitments,” said Zilka
Nest leaders do what they do because they care about their school and want to help spread school spirit. The kids who become Nest leaders are the same students who already attend most sports games and participate in spirit days.