Cactus Shadows alumnus opens up for Beach Goons

Bummer Girl opened up the night energetically and loud, knowing just how to get the crowd excited. They jumped around the stage and interacted with fans throughout their whole act. Guitars, drums, and rock n’ roll filled the room instantly.


Gianna Lazzaro

Alternative band Beach Goons perform at Crescent Ballroom

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor

On October 5, Bummer Girl and Beach Goons played at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix.
Bummer Girl is a local band with Cactus Shadows alumni who had the opportunity to be the opening act for this concert. Bummer Girl has had a multitude of local shows around the Phoenix area, but getting to open for a larger band is a huge deal. Beach Goons is an alternative band from San Diego with almost 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, who mostly have a surf and garage rock feel.
Before getting into the venue, everyone had to wait in line to show COVID-19 vaccination records, or a negative COVID-19 test.
Once proof was shown, a stamp was given to show that guests got checked. An additional stamp was given to anyone under the age of 21 to prevent them from getting drinks.
Once going through the first line, everyone was directed to go to the opposite side of the venue building where they actually entered the pit of the show. Security checked bags and scanned over people thoroughly.
The crowd was extremely hyped up, dancing and moshing to every song they played. After they were done, one of the members gave their guitar pick to a fan and the band walked off the stage for the night.
When Beach Goons came up on stage, the crowd went wild. They played their biggest hits, such as ‘Without U’ and ‘Reservoir Dawgs’.
Fans began jumping onto stage and back into the pit, crowd surfing above the people.
At the end of the night, everyone in the pit started jumping onto the stage and cheering to say goodbye to the bands.