Catching up on the best of Netflix in quarantine

Trying to find a show to watch can be a task. Now that we are all stuck in quarantine and do not have much to do, finding a good and engaging show to watch has shown to be an even bigger challenge. Here are some popular Netflix shows to consider.

Shameless is about a very dysfunctional family from Chicago. The Gallagher’s, the mom left a long time ago, the dad is a drunk and never present in the kids’ lives, leaving the eldest daughter Fiona to take care of everyone. The show revolves largely around the Gallagher’s struggle with extreme poverty, and how six kids live and function as a family on their own. Following the ups and downs of the Gallagher family, which is a complete fictional train wreck.

The Society
Everyone mysteriously vanishes from the little town of West Ham, except for the teens. At first they thought it would be fun to be in charge of themselves, until things got bad. They are stuck in a place that looks like home, but looks can be deceiving. As they begin forming their own society, it becomes clear there’s no out, no way to leave, and they are stuck with each other. They must learn to work with each other to survive their new world.

On My Block
On My Block is a coming of age story about four friends navigating the hardships, achievements and losses of high school. The group is trying to get their friend out of a gang that his whole family has been a part of at one point, almost as a right of passage. The friend group becomes at risk of falling apart and drifting as friendship turns into romance and jealousy. Set in the rough inner city of South Central Los Angeles California, following these four friends on their thrilling adventures is entertaining and worth watching.

Outer Banks
After a hurricane strikes Kildare Island, living in paradise proves to not be as glamorous as portrayed. One day on the boat out in the banks, four friends stumble across a sunken wreck. After that discovery, everything becomes a pattern of downfall. Why are two men following them? What was everyone hiding? As the friends start to discover more, one of them develops a theory that the sunken wreck was connected to his dad, who vanished almost a year ago.