Jonah Hill debuts his directing career with Mid 90s

Riley James, Staff writer

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Mid90s is written and directed by comedian Jonah Hill. Hill rose to fame because of his role as “Seth” in 2007’s Superbad. That movie launched his acting career and since then he’s been in numerous films, such as This is the End, 21 Jump Street, Megamind, and even being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street.

He most recently starred in Netflix’s MANIAC alongside Emma Stone. Now Jonah Hill has directed his first feature film and it’s very impressive. The film is a misleading title, because you’d think it would just rely on 90s nostalgia, but it certainly doesn’t. This film could take place in any time and still be a relevant story.

Mid90s follows 13 year old Stevie as he begins hanging out with some local skaters at a nearby skate shop in Los Angeles during the mid 1990s and is brought into a new world of fun, excitement and danger. A simple coming of age story, but with more to it. Most films that take place in past decades will overextend references and nostalgia which makes it extremely cheesy, but Mid90s has subtle nods to the 1990s decade without overdoing it. The same goes for skateboarding movies. They’ll always make it too cheesy, but this movie exceeds and pays tribute to skateboarding and the 1990s decade completely respectably..

I personally think it’s a very smart idea that they didn’t go too crazy with the nostalgia, because now anyone from any decade can enjoy this movie. The cast does an excellent job, Sunny Suljic plays Stevie, a relatable, awkward young kid trying to fit in. Lucas Hedges plays Stevie’s older brother Ian, and definitely sells the “stereotypical mean older brother” character. The supporting cast was the best part of the movie, because they weren’t even real actors. Stevie’s skater friends were played by real skaters that Jonah Hill offered to be in his movie. The skaters were played by members of a real-life professional skate team, called Illegal Civilization, which made it feel even more real. The soundtrack was another great part of the film. A lot of classic 90s hip-hop like Wu-Tang Clan and Cypress Hill, but also some 90s rock like The Pixies, Nirvana and the score was composed by 90s legend Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. They shot in 4:3 which gave the film an older look and overall the cinematography was beautiful.

Mid90s is an instant classic. 8/10

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