The Diners band rocked the stage at Trunk Space

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The Diners band rocked the stage at Trunk Space

Blake Dorame, Staff Writer

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The Diners, a local band from Phoenix, continue to rock out at all the small venues in town. The Diners recently played at the Trunk Space, a small-scale venue. The pit was small and the stage even smaller, but when The Diners came on, the audience crowded around and sung along to the first song, “Fifteen On A Skateboard.”

The Diners played around fifteen of their most popular indie/alternative songs. The entire set lasted 40 minutes. The crowd danced slowly to every song. There was a few people there who were very passionate about the music and would start moshing every few songs.

The lead singer was very interactive with the crowd, cracking jokes and giving backstory to each song.

The ambiance was mellow, with dimly lit colorful lights and dark walls, making it easy to give all of your attention to the band. The sound quality was great and the vocals were clear. The sound of the instruments echoed through the room and the bass shook the ground.

One thing that lacked during the show was the involvement of the other band members and there just wasn’t a great view of the band from most of the room.

The lead singer, Tyler Broderick, plays the guitar with his band but he also puts on solo concerts. His last solo concert was at the Rebel Lounge when he opened for the band Remo Drive. His solo shows are jazzed up videos of himself dancing in the background and groovy costumes.

Overall, The Diners sounded better in person than on record so concert performance deserves a solid 8/10.

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