Happy Death Day Thrills Audiences

Averie Brannon, staff

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On October 13, Happy Death Day hit the theaters. The fact that it was released on Friday the Thirteenth added to the excitement for the movie.  

The movie is about Tree Gelbmen, played by Jessica Rothe, a self-centered college student . On her birthday, September 18th, she wakes up in a dorm room that belongs to another student named Carter Davis, played by Israel Broussard. She soon realizes that this day has already happened, and later that night, someone wearing a mask will kill her. Tree redoes the day over and over trying to figure out who her killer is so she can stop the murder.

This movie is very similar to the movie Groundhog Day because of the way that a specific day keeps repeating itself. However, it is different because it is a thriller and not a comedy.

Christopher B. Landon directed the movie and has a lot of experience with thriller movies because he has been directing, writing, and producing them since 1996, including Disturbia and Paranormal Activities: 3.

Overall, the movie was well-written and acted, and they chose the characters really well. However, the ending was a disappointment (the details I won’t go into for obvious reasons), which unfortunately made it less of a hit for me.

I give this movie a four out of five.


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