The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

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Humans of Cactus Shadows

Logan Larkin, Photo Editor

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Julia Dede, Senior

I am Julia Dede, and I am a senior. Upcoming graduation is the best part of  senior year, but other than that, absolutely nothing. I am going into the Navy, for a lot of reasons: so I can own a Cadillac before i’m 42 (the really fancy model). Tuition assistance, and travel, get to see a lot of places, go to Dubai. I am going to be an intelligence specialist in the Navy because they offered me the job, I got a good enough score on the ASVAB, and I didn’t fail my depth perception test, so I can do intelligence. And I want to interrogate people. I went to the zoo over Spring break. I sleep, alot. I work at Harkins: Scottsdale and 101, because I quit my job at As You Wish.


Konnor Iovino, Senior

My names Konnor Iovino, I am a senior. I have been here [Cactus Shadows High School] since the first day of Junior year. I am graduating this May, I’m a bit nervous, but reality is coming soon. After Graduating, I will be touring still for dancing and getting this movie done. It’s called Disturbia High, it’s the new Step Up series, so that will be released in theaters in 2018. I’m part of the Jabbawockeez crew, and I have been doing that for awhile now. I have been under them for about 9-10 months, and I have been touring a lot, going to a lot of shows, signing autographs and stuff. I have a twin here, and teachers get confused a lot. I have a few tattoos, I have a dream catcher, which means follow your dreams and ambitions. I have ‘Child of God’ written in Chinese, and I have cross representing my Grandma and Grandpas passing date.


Max Tenin

I’m Max Tenin, and I am in 11th Grade. I like to chill out, and I enjoy lifting. I cook pizzas at a pizza place, it’s called PizzaFarro’s, it’s pretty good, you should check it out. I go to Mountainside a lot [Mountainside Fitness], I like lifting, but yeah I just like to chill out, and that’s about it. Right now I’m just shuffled on a beat, but I have been listening to a lot of  Drake’s new album More Life, it’s pretty good, I mean half of it is pretty good anyways. Over spring break I went on some hikes, and hung out in downtown Scottsdale, and went to the Marriott, chilled there. I did not go to Mexico, should’ve gone to Mexico. Junior year is going pretty good, it’s kind of rough so you have to get all your stuff done. But, it’s the last eight weeks, so may as well just chill. I take regular classes, nothing special. I like to strive a little higher once and awhile. I would just like to say, let’s go Cactus Shadows, let’s get more wins. Like wins in general, just wins, we are going to be winning, so let’s get more wins.

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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School
Humans of Cactus Shadows